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Science Bowl Tryouts!

Hi everyone,

Science Bowl tryouts are just around the corner!

The first round will be held in the library next Tuesday, Sept. 24, from 3-4:30 pm. It will be a 200 question multiple choice test that covers a wide range of topics, ranging from Math to Astronomy. The top 30 scorers on this test will be selected to move on to the second round, which will take place on Thursday, Sept. 26, after school in Mrs Alonzo’s room. From there, the top 10 scorers will move on to the final round of elimination, in which the five members of Science Bowl Team A will be decided. That round will take place on Oct. 1 after school in Mrs Alonzo’s room. The date for the Team B buzzer tryout will be released at a later date.

If you have any questions about the tryout process, please come to our meeting this Friday and ask! We will be presenting about the various competitions that we have to offer and a big part of that will be Science Bowl.

T-shirt Reminder

Lynbrook Science is selling t-shirts! The order form is available here, and the cost will be $15. Those who are on any of the Science Bowl/Olympiad teams are required to get a t-shirt so we can look awesome at events.

Hope you’re enjoying the holidays!

11.30.12 meeting cancelled

This Friday’s meeting is cancelled due to the Thiel Fellowship presentation scheduled during lunch. This is only available to juniors and seniors, and signups are available here.

In other news, Physics Olympiad sign ups have begun. If you would like to participate, sign up here and give $4 to James Ma, our treasurer, by next Thursday, Dec. 6th.

11.16.12 meeting

The last of our student lectures (for now) will be given by Jack Takahashi, who will be presenting on his experiences in biology research.

Science Olympiad tryouts have been scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 20th, and will be at 3:10 in Dr. Rocklin’s room 501. The signup form is located *here*
The tryouts will last for approximately 90 minutes and will consist of three 30 minute tests. Pick three subjects that you are experienced with – note that there is an advantage to picking less popular subjects, so choose wisely!

11.2.12 meeting

Hi everyone, be sure to come out to our next science club meeting, where Johnny will be presenting about his experiences with computer science research.

Just a reminder that the Ocean Science Bowl tryouts will be held Thursday, after school in the cafeteria.

Happy science-ing over Halloween!

Science Bowl Results/Upcoming Tryouts

Hi everyone, breaking news!

This year’s science bowl team A will be composed of Steven Hao, Derek Lou, James Ma, Keegan Mendonca, and Aaron Yuan.
Feel free to congratulate them, and wish them luck on their upcoming practices/competition! :D

Our Team B buzzer tryout qualifiers are now:
Tony Jiang, Kevin Chen, Andrew Wang,
Richard Liu, Ashwin Srikant, Jesse Chou,
Nithin Buduma, Akshara Balachandra, Jimmy Zeng, and Dolly Yuan

Team B buzzer tryouts will be held Wednesday, 9/26/12, 3:15 in Rm. 305 (Alonzo). Good luck!
Team C and D qualifiers will be announced after Team B buzzer tryouts.

Stay tuned for info on other competitions!

Science Bowl Tryouts

We will be holding science bowl tryouts next Wednesday (9/19) at 3:15 in the cafeteria. Those who pass this first written round will then attend the buzzer tryouts next Friday (9/21) at 3:15 in room 305 (Alonzo).
To get some practice and learn more about science bowl, be sure to come to this week’s meeting, where we will be letting members test their skills in mock rounds. Note that, as usual, we will be having multiple teams (some with grade limit caps), so don’t be afraid to try out.

Make sure you sign up during one of our meetings to get e-mail announcements!

*New School Year*

Welcome to our new and improved science club website! After you’re done checking out last year’s members (above), their accomplishments, and our awesome officers (under the About tab), take a look at our various competitions and events to see which ones you would be interested in participating in. Note that many scheduling issues remain TBA and remember that there’s something for everyone.

Our first introductory meeting will be this Friday, 9/7, in Mrs. Alonzo’s room (305) during lunch, and there will be a meeting discussing science fairs this Thursday, 9/6 (also in 305) during lunch and after school. Come to the science fair meeting if you’re even remotely interested in conducting science research!

Get ready for a mind-blowing year of science! *cue fireworks*


Today’s meeting was our annual Science Club Election! Only active non-seniors were allowed to vote (although spectators were free to attend). Thanks to cooperation from all the candidates, we were able to get through the entire election in one meeting. The results are:

President – Aaron Yuan
Vice Presidents – Johnny Ho, Derek Lou
Treasurer – James Ma
Secretary – Albert Ge

Best wishes to our new officer team!

Biology Olympiad

Biology Olympiad scores are out! You can check your score online by logging into the account that you created earlier.

Also, the semifinals exam will be Thursday, March 29th, 2-4 pm, in Rm 304. Contact Ms. Della Santina ASAP if you can’t make this time.

Lynbrook wins 1st at Science Bowl!

Congratulations to Marcus, Keegan, Derek, Alexandra, and Johnny, who placed first at the SLAC Science Bowl regional event. The team performed well throughout the day, winning all of their rounds in the round robin portion of the competition, and then beating Homestead, Saratoga, and Bellarmine successively in the elimination rounds to finish the day undefeated. The team will attend the National Science Bowl competition in Washington D.C. that will take place in April.

Team B, consisting of Aaron, Steven, Jeffrey, James, and Julia also did very well; they won all of their round robin rounds, but lost two devastatingly close rounds to Saratoga and Bellarmine  to finish 5th.

The final standings were:

  1. Lynbrook High School A
  2. Bellarmine College Preparatory
  3. Saratoga High School
  4. Homestead High School
  5. Lynbrook High School B

More information about Science Bowl can be found until the “Competitions” tab.


Today Dr. Pinsky, the Stanford Clinical Virology Laboratory director, came to talk to our club. First, he told us about his path from college to graduate school (MD and PhD!) to his current position. He mentioned that although he wasn’t sure exactly what his profession would be until later, he was driven from the start by a passion for medicine.

Dr. Pinsky also introduced us to the more common viruses, giving us a little background on each one. He then described methods for identifying viruses. For example, a modified version of PCR can do the job, as well as a technique that uses fluorescence to identify certain antibodies.


Science Bowl is coming up, so for this meeting we had our annual students vs teachers competition. Because Team A is awesome and has been practicing really hard, they were able to win against our amazing teachers. We’ll all be rooting for them in the actual competition!

Physics Olympiad: Thurs. 1/26 at 3pm

Remember to go to Mr. Taylor’s room (007) if you’re planning to take the Physics Olympiad test on Thursday. It will take around one and a half hours.

T-Shirt Orders

Hey everybody! Please sign up here by this Sunday (12/11) if you want to order a T-shirt. Recall that all members of Science Bowl and Science Olympiad must purchase a T-shirt. The cost will most likely be around $15.

We’ll also take a second batch of orders later on, but it’ll be more expensive. So, just order one now. They’re awesome. You won’t regret it. :]

Physics Contests

If you’re interested in Physics Olympiad and/or Physics Bowl, please sign up by December 24th. They’re fun multiple choice tests, the former in early January and the latter in late March/early April.

SciOly Tryouts: Event Preferences

Hi everyone,

Please be sure to sign up on this form by Sun. 11/27 at 6pm, or we may not have copies of the tests ready for you. Again, tryouts will be held Mon. 11/28 from 3pm-4:30pm.

SciOly Tryouts: Mon. 11/28 3pm-4:30pm

Hi everyone!

If you’re interested in trying out for Science Olympiad, please come to either Dr. Rocklin or Mr. Penner’s rooms next Monday, 11/28. Tryouts will run from 3-4:30pm. A total of 30 students will qualify, 15 each for teams A and B.

As per usual, tryouts will be conducted through tests on different subjects, and you can choose to take up to three different tests. The available test subjects correlate to events that will be held at the upcoming Bay Area Regional Science Olympiad competition. Here’s the official site: We will have the following:

1. Physiology
2. Diseases/Microbes
3. Astronomy
4. Rocks and Minerals
5. Fresh Water
6. Fermi Questions
7. Optics/Mechanics
8. General Chemistry
9. Forensics

A significant portion of these tests will be free response, to deter against qualification via random guessing on multiple choice questions.

Remember, a little bit of studying goes a long way, so please take advantage of Thanksgiving Break to look over some materials. Be strategic! We’re looking for people whose scores stand out from the crowd in the subjects they’ve taken–certain subjects such as General Chem and Physiology will be more popular than others. Decide ahead of time which tests you want to take and start Googling those subjects if they’re not quite as mainstream, then wow us with your expertise!

We’ll send out a Google form later this week to see which subjects you plan to take and get an idea of how many copies we’ll need. Email us if you have questions :)


T-Shirt Design Contest!

It’s time to kick off our annual T-Shirt design contest!
As always, winner gets a free T-Shirt. :D

– You can directly create a design on CustomInk or transfer one over from Photoshop
– Keep in mind that background will be red/blue/white/black/gray (we’ll vote on it later as a club!)
– You can submit a front and a back design; we’ll vote on them separately
– Past years’ designs are also options for voting
– Keep designs to one color so that they’re cheaper
– Send submissions to
– Deadline: Wednesday, November 30

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start designing!

Wondercup Contest Postponed

The following email was sent to us by the coordinators of Wondercup this week:

I am sad to report that the WonderCup Challenge has lost its funding. This year’s Challenge will be postponed until Wonderfest (the Bay Area nonprofit group that produces the WonderCup Challenge) can find new funding.

But please tell your students to take heart: Wonderfest is resourceful! We will do our best to bring the WonderCup Challenge back to life in early 2012.

We apologize to all members who have already begun the process of finding teams; circumstances outside of our control have prevented this contest from occurring this year. But all is not lost! There are many more science contests that you can participate in! Come to the Science Club meeting this Friday to learn more about all the contests that will be offered this year. Also, check the list under the “Competitions” tab for some brief information about each contest.

No cause for alarm:

Nothing to be worried about.

Would you like a part in the fun? Join us at our first meeting in Ms. Alonzo’s room during lunch on Friday, 9/16!

Hello World!

Welcome to Lynbrook Science!