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Chemistry Olympiad Results!

Congratulations to Nithin Buduma and Jeffrey Chang for being finalists in the 2015 USA National Chemistry Olympiad! In addition to placing 1st and 2nd respectively at the school level, they also placed in the top 16 out of all participants from 26 schools in the Santa Clara Valley region!

Thank you to all the participants this year and we hope to see more try out in the future. See you all tomorrow!

Sea Lion Bowl Finalists!

Hey Everyone!

This Saturday, Lynbrook’s Ocean Sciences Bowl team won 2nd place at the 2015 Northern California Regional Competition, the Sea Lion Bowl! The competition was held at Stanford University’s School of Earth, Engineering, and Environmental Studies. This year’s competition marks only the second time that our team has competed in recent years, so making it so far has definitely put Lynbrook on the map for the future.

Congratulations to: Matt Wang (Captain), Edward Lee, Vinay Kukutla, Jasper Huang, and Andrew Li for their unprecedented accomplishment! There are high expectations for the coming years.


As a break from the typical formal language, we have something important that we would like to say. Our team this year is composed of one senior, two juniors, and two freshmen. Five students of the nine who tried out. This is a team that made it to finals, losing then to Mission San Jose, a school with a history of success in NOSB and a team composed of four seniors and one sophomore.

It is clear that Lynbrook has the potential to do well or even win at the Sea Lion Bowl. There is no reason that we shouldn’t have enough people trying out to even be able to send two teams to the competition, one for Varsity and one for Junior Varsity. But the Ocean Sciences Bowl doesn’t receive as much attention as the rest of Science Club’s competitions do. What we seem to lack is interest.

As such, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage current underclassmen to consider trying out for and competing in the Lynbrook Ocean Sciences Bowl team next year. This year’s success should only be the beginning of a legacy, one that we know Lynbrook is capable of maintaining. Thank you.

Lynbrook Science Bowl SLAC Champions!!!

Hi Everyone!

This past Saturday, Lynbrook’s Science Bowl Team A competed at the 2015 SLAC Regional Competition and beat out The Harker School to earn 1st place and a trip to Washington DC for the 2015 National Science Bowl Competition! It is the first time a team from Lynbrook has advanced to Nationals since 2012, and this is extremely exciting news.

Congratulations to: Pranav Lalgudi, Nithin Buduma (captain), Jeffrey Chang, Richard Liu, Oliver Dong (and Shamrock the Horse :P ) for their amazing performance this past weekend! Feel free to congratulate them on accomplishing this impressive feat.

IMG_1211 (1)


See you all on Friday!

Tumbling Wing – Jan. 9th Meeting

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday we talked about the technicalities of plane flight and looked at some cool paper airplanes! One of these being the Tumbling Wing, theoretically able to fly forever with the slanted cardboard. Have a look at our president Oliver, with one of his creations.

If you’re interested in making one of these, take a look at this video by the world record holder for the paper airplane distance, John Collins.

See you next week!

Science Olympiad Team Members

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday we announced the results for Science Olympiad teams. Congratulations to all of them!

Team A: Nidhi Navaratna (Captain), Pranav Lalgudi, Jessie Zhao, Lawrence Cheng Richard Liu, Allison Tam, Patrick Dong, William Lu, Akhil Bhandaru, Edward Lee, Chetan Somani, Sean Meng, Matt Wang, Bob Wang, Ajinkya Nene

Team B: Victor Chen (Captain), Robert Yang, Melissa Wei, Katherine Xiao, Joseph Wang, Vinay Kukutla, Advait Patil, Jasper Huang, Durga Ganesh, Rishabh Swarnkar, Susan Zhou, Kevin Peng, Blair Chen, Tony Peng, Alex Hong

Thanks to everyone who tried out! We’ll see you all next week, every week!

Summer Programs Presentation

Hi Everyone!

Today we went over some of the major programs that you can apply to participate in next summer! In case you wanted another opportunity to look at the presentation, here it is!

Also, congratulations to the members of our Science Bowl teams!

  • Team A: Nithin Buduma, Jeffrey Chang, Richard Liu, Pranav Lalgudi, Oliver Dong
  • Team B: Robert Yang, Abhinav Naikawadi, Ajinkya Nene, Jessie Zhao, Advait Patil
  • Team C: Varun Venkatesh, William Hu, Sean Meng, Blair Chen, Moinak Bhattaracharyya
  • Team D: Rohan Mehrotra, Nisarg Shah, Susan Zhou, Andrew Li, Bill Zhu

And we’ll see you next week, every week!

First Meeting of the Year!

It’s a new season for Lynbrook Science, and we’re just about to kickstart the year! Our first meeting is tomorrow, September 12, in Room 302. This is Mr. Leung’s room, located at the corner of the Science Building. We’ll be going through the basics of the club, as well as a cool demo.

See you there!