Presentation for 12/6

Here’s what the officers prepared for the meeting that was supposed to happen yesterday.  link

Remember to submit t-shirt designs to if you haven’t already! Voting will begin Monday night!

11/22/2013 Meeting

We have only received one T-shirt design so far so you guys should keep submitting! Submissions are due Dec 6.

Sign up for Physics Olympiad here if you haven’t already signed up with Tony. Remember to give Tony $5!

Today the officers gave an interesting presentation on Electricity and Magnetism. James did a demonstration of Lenz’s law, showing how a magnet falling through a copper pipe falls much slower than a non-magnetic material because of the induced magnetic field that opposes the motion of the magnet. See the powerpoint here.

Information about RSI and T-Shirt Design Contest

On Friday, Tony gave a very informative presentation about the prestigious summer camp RSI. We also announced our annual T-Shirt design contest!

You can check out our powerpoint here to get more information!

Science Olympiad Teams!

We are excited to announce this year’s Science Olympiad Teams A and B! The lists are not organized by score.

Team A:
Alice Tang (captain)
Michael Sheng (captain)
Oliver Dong
Matt Wang
Ashwin Srikant
Richard Liu
Jane Wei
Jessie Zhao
Angela Kong
Tony Peng
Jessica Zheng
Chetan Somani
Kevin Mu
Dolly Yuan
Qingqi Zeng
Vinay Kukutla (substitute)
Kevin Peng (substitute)

Team B:
Jefferine Li (captain)
Rachit Kataria (captain)
Kevin Peng
Allison Tam
Victor Chen
Patrick Dong
William Lu
Akshara Balachandra
Moinak Bhattacharyya
Pavan Gollapalli
Bob Wang
Ajinkya Nene
Alex Hong
Vinay Kukutla
Catherine Xu

Congratulations to those who made the teams and thank you to everyone who tried out!

Science Olympiad Tryouts and MVTSA

Science Olympiad tryouts will be held in Mrs Alonzo’s room on Wednesday, Nov 6, after school. If you have not signed up on the google doc yet, please do so. Scroll down to find the form.

Also, Monta Vista Technology Student Association is hosting their ‘Fall 2013′ technology symposium on Friday, Nov 8, at Cupertino Community Hall from 5-9pm. It’s free, and there will be speakers from a variety of areas, including robotic surgery, the FBI, personal robots and career motivation. It’s sure to be interesting, so if you have time, check it out!

Email if you have any questions or concerns!

Science Olympiad and Balloons Experiment

Today we announced Science Olympiad tryouts. The PowerPoint is here.

Steven did a balloon experiment where he poked skewers through balloons without popping them, making balloon kabobs!

Sign up for Science Olympiad tryouts on the form below!

Reminder: No meeting tomorrow 10/11 or 10/18

This is just a reminder that there will be no meeting tomorrow, October 11th.

There will also be no meeting on October 18th. We’ll be selling Sparkling Lemonade in the Quad for 1 ticket a cup. Be sure to buy a cup to enjoy tasty lemonade and support Science Club!