Ocean Science Bowl Tryouts

Hey everyone!

As we mentioned in today’s meeting, OSB is a quiz-bowl competition on ocean science topics. Tryouts will be taking place 9/24/15 right after 7th in room 307 (Mr. Pallone’s room). We highly encourage you to try out (if you think you don’t know much oceanography, it’s ok! Neither do most other people trying out! :)). With work, we can definitely achieve high at the competition (2nd place in varsity and JV last year).  The first round of tryouts will consist of MC questions along with 5-10 questions on the tryout excerpt. The tryout excerpt is a section from an oceanography textbook that we will post onto the Science Club website on 9/23/18 at 8 PM. Everyone trying out for OSB is also eligible to try out for Science Bowl, and has until 10/6/18 to commit to one of the two competitions. Please fill out the form below to sign up for tryouts:


The first round of tryouts will select ~10 people, who will all practice together without splitting into the A and B teams until the second tryout in early January. The second tryout round is a buzzer round with questions about material covered during practices as well as general oceanographic knowledge. Performance in the buzzer round, practice attendance, overall effort, and behavior will all be taken into account when selecting the final A and B teams.

We look forward to SEA-ing you all at tryouts!

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