9.23.2011 Contest Information Meeting!

Hey there! We hope you all enjoyed the meeting today.

A quick recap: We showed a powerpoint about all the contests that we’ll offer throughout the year. You can find a copy of the powerpoint here, or you can simply find identical information under the competitions tab right here on the website.

Kunal and Marcus demonstrated how to light a dollar bill on fire without damaging it. They soaked it in rubbing alcohol, which contains a mixture of an alcohol and water. When lit, the alcohol, which burns at a relatively low temperature, gave off a flame. The temperature of this reaction, however, was not enough to burn off all the water, which protected the dollar bill. The flame you saw was solely from the combustion reaction between alcohol and air; no part of the dollar bill every actually caught fire.

Remember that the Science Bowl Tryout test will be held this Wednesday, Septemember 28th, in Mrs. Alonzo’s room right after school. We highly recommend that you try out, as the contest is lots of fun!

We hope to see everybody next week!

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