Hey everyone! Thanks to all of you guys, we’ve actually… *drumroll*… passed the 200-member mark! This is clearly proof of how awesome we are.

Marcus gave a demonstration on how to boil water using ice cubes. He boiled then capped a flask of water so that there was only water and water vapor inside. He then turned the flask upside down, rubbing the top of the flask with an ice cube. The ice cube made the flask colder, causing the water vapor to condense, causing the pressure to decrease, causing the water to boil!

Also, Alexandra gave a presentation on her summer internship at Berkeley, where she studied the effects of mutations in cellulose with the larger goal of developing a sustainable biofuel.

As Frances mentioned, all you business types/future innovators should consider participating in the Clean Tech Competition, where you design a solar-powered device that provide aid in post-natural disaster situations.

Lastly, the next Science Fair meeting is Monday after school/Thursday Lunch! Come if you’re even vaguely interested in participating!

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