Today was our annual Homecoming meeting. We had four presentations, each of which related to one of the class’ Homecoming theme.

For chess, Cynthia gave a presentation on popular mathematical chess problems like the independence problems and the Knight’s Tour.

For Candyland, Marcus demonstrated the traditional Diet Coke + Mentos experiment outside, where adding Mentos to Diet Coke produces a jet of foam as carbon dioxide is rapidly produced.

For Jumanji, we watched a short clip on a fictional car-eating plant. Then we talked about real carnivorous plants and the traps they use (pitfall trap, flypaper trap, and snap trap).

For Star Wars, we showed how if you light a fire in a bottle and place an hard-boiled peeled egg at the rim, the force created by the decreasing air pressure within the bottle as the fire uses up oxygen sucks the egg in.

Lastly, the T-shirt design contest has begun! More details under Announcements.

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