SciOly Tryouts: Mon. 11/28 3pm-4:30pm

Hi everyone!

If you’re interested in trying out for Science Olympiad, please come to either Dr. Rocklin or Mr. Penner’s rooms next Monday, 11/28. Tryouts will run from 3-4:30pm. A total of 30 students will qualify, 15 each for teams A and B.

As per usual, tryouts will be conducted through tests on different subjects, and you can choose to take up to three different tests. The available test subjects correlate to events that will be held at the upcoming Bay Area Regional Science Olympiad competition. Here’s the official site: We will have the following:

1. Physiology
2. Diseases/Microbes
3. Astronomy
4. Rocks and Minerals
5. Fresh Water
6. Fermi Questions
7. Optics/Mechanics
8. General Chemistry
9. Forensics

A significant portion of these tests will be free response, to deter against qualification via random guessing on multiple choice questions.

Remember, a little bit of studying goes a long way, so please take advantage of Thanksgiving Break to look over some materials. Be strategic! We’re looking for people whose scores stand out from the crowd in the subjects they’ve taken–certain subjects such as General Chem and Physiology will be more popular than others. Decide ahead of time which tests you want to take and start Googling those subjects if they’re not quite as mainstream, then wow us with your expertise!

We’ll send out a Google form later this week to see which subjects you plan to take and get an idea of how many copies we’ll need. Email us if you have questions :)


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