Today, Alexandra successfully showed us the color-changing experiment that unfortunately did not work during the Vikes of Distinction rally. After mixing several clear solutions together, she obtained a solution whose color cycled clear -> amber -> navy blue -> clear -> amber -> navy blue -> etc. This happened because of a negative feedback loop between a chemical reaction that consumes iodine with an intermediate of iodide and one that converts iodate to iodine, while concentration of iodide is low. The color changes stop when the iodate is used up.


  • We will vote on T-shirt designs next week, so be sure to attend that meeting! Also, the deadline for designs has been extended to Sunday evening. If you’re still working on it, at least send us an intermediate draft!
  • Physics Olympiad/Physics Bowl sign-ups will start soon.
  • Science Olympiad teams will be announced next week.
  • If you aren’t on our email list, please email lynbrookscience@gmail.com.

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