Today we had a special talk by Prof. Day, who works in the field of molecular biology. In particular, he focused on blood tests that reveal whether or not somebody has a certain disease or condition, like HIV or pregnancy. He talked about recent technology that has sped up the process as well as the different styles employed by companies that perform these tests. In addition, he brought a sample that a brave volunteer (go Joshua!) was able to test before our eyes to reveal the presence (and lack thereof) of a variety of diseases and conditions.

Biology Olympiad

Biology Olympiad scores are out! You can check your score online by logging into the account that you created earlier.

Also, the semifinals exam will be Thursday, March 29th, 2-4 pm, in Rm 304. Contact Ms. Della Santina ASAP if you can’t make this time.


We began the meeting by recognizing the people who won medals at Science Olympiad. Ms. Davidson talked to the club and shared a book she had been reading, which contains references to Lynbrook and Mrs. Alonzo! Yay!

Next, Marcus discussed the Standard Model, an explanation of the universe that is based on fundamental particles (quarks, leptons, and force carriers) and fundamental forces (weak force, strong force, electromagnetic force, gravitational force, and force stored in bosons).


Today was our Science Olympiad Demo! The two teams have been working on a variety of prebuilts, of which we got to see a few today. For example, Frances and Robert picked up a few objects with their Robot Arm while Bryce and Dennis successfully flew their helicopter. Other demos included Gravity Vehicle, Thermodynamics, and Towers.

Note: Team A placed 2nd at Science Olympiad and will be advancing to States! Hooray!