During today’s meeting, Aaron gave a presentation on Daisyworld. Daisyworld is a concept world modeled by a computer program to prove the plausibility of self-regulation. In Daisyworld, the luminosity of the sun increases as it grows older. Normally, this would create rising temperatures on the planet that would stifle life. The planet, however, has black daisies (which absorb light and heat themselves) and white daisies (which reflect light and cool themselves). White daisies increase the albedo (a measure of how much light the planet reflects) and black daisies lower it. The daisies can only grow within a certain temperature range. The regulation effects of these daisies (for example, as temperatures rise, the black daisies will quickly overheat and die, leaving more space for white daisies, which cool the planet) maintain the planet at a steady temperature conducive to life for much longer would have happened without the daisies.

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