Science Bowl Open Tourney on 5/23

Hi all!

Lynbrook will host an open science bowl tournament on Saturday, 5/23! The idea is to give a real competition experience to people who didn’t get to participate in the official regional competition (such as SLAC). As such, it will only be open to people who have not participated in official competition before. We strongly encourage any existing “Team B” or “junior varsity” teams at your school to attend and gain some valuable competition experience! On the other hand, if you just want to come to have fun, you can also spontaneously form your own team with your friends.

The tourney will be on 5/23, 9am to around 1pm at Lynbrook High School. The link to register can be found here. Note that there will be a limit of 5 members per team and 3 teams per school. Please register by Thursday 5/21 at the latest. We will be releasing an official schedule and map on Friday 5/22.

If you have any questions, please email us at lynbrookscience (at)

Hope to see you all there for a morning of fun science and friendly competition!

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