Recap of Last Week and Preview of Tomorrow

Hi all!

We hope you had a blast last week learning about a few scientific current events, such as the CRISPR patent debate, artificial intelligence mastering Go, and the discovery of a new planet called Planet 9. We also had the pleasure of having Isha Mehrotra, a 10th grader who participated in the UCSD Research Scholars program (and a science club member!), present her research regarding “A Quantitative Assay of Immediate Early Gene Expression in the Mouse Hippocampus.” If you’re interested about either the recent scientific news or Isha’s research and want to learn a bit more, just go to this link which contains the slides from the presentation:

We have another awesome meeting coming up this Friday: a fierce battle of wits between Lynbrook’s Science Bowl Team A and our very own teachers! Come out tomorrow to watch an amazing display of fast-paced buzzing as the members of Team A take on perhaps their greatest challenge yet. Don’t miss out on this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spectate a battle that will be remembered through the ages.

See you there!



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