11.9.12 meeting

Hi guys,

Next up in our series of student lectures is Eesha Khare, who will be presenting on her experiences doing chemistry research! Stay tuned for announcements on our Science Olympiad tryouts, especially if you have experience in engineering or chemistry.

11.2.12 meeting

Hi everyone, be sure to come out to our next science club meeting, where Johnny will be presenting about his experiences with computer science research.

Just a reminder that the Ocean Science Bowl tryouts will be held Thursday, after school in the cafeteria.

Happy science-ing over Halloween!

10.12.12 meeting

Make sure to come to this week’s Science Club meeting, as we will be having our annual COMPETITIONS PRESENTATION!!
This presentation will showcase the various competitions that all of you can participate in (some require tryout), such as Science Olympiad and a competition that Lynbrook has never participated in, Physics Bowl. ¬†Lynbrook has a very strong history in most of these competitions, so it’s very possible that you all can win something too!


Today’s meeting was our annual Science Club Election! Only active non-seniors were allowed to vote (although spectators were free to attend). Thanks to cooperation from all the candidates, we were able to get through the entire election in one meeting. The results are:

President – Aaron Yuan
Vice Presidents – Johnny Ho, Derek Lou
Treasurer – James Ma
Secretary – Albert Ge

Best wishes to our new officer team!


During today’s meeting, Marcus exploded an egg. First, he combined zinc and hydrochloric acid, which react in a single-replacement reaction to form hydrogen gas. He channeled this hydrogen gas into a previously hollowed egg. When he struck a match near the egg, said gas (which is extremely flammable) immediately caught fire and the egg exploded!

Have a great spring break everyone!


During today’s meeting, James presented on gyroscopes and precession. A gyroscope has a rotor and spins around its axis. They are used widely in consumer products (like iPhones) and also used in navigation. Precession is when the axis around which the gyroscope is rotating changes orientation. James demonstrated some of the equations behind precession and rotation.

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, we were unable to show the actual powerpoint during the meeting. However, it is attached here in all its glory for you to peruse. File: Gyroscopes


During today’s meeting, Aaron gave a presentation on Daisyworld. Daisyworld is a concept world modeled by a computer program to prove the plausibility of self-regulation. In Daisyworld, the luminosity of the sun increases as it grows older. Normally, this would create rising temperatures on the planet that would stifle life. The planet, however, has black daisies (which absorb light and heat themselves) and white daisies (which reflect light and cool themselves). White daisies increase the albedo (a measure of how much light the planet reflects) and black daisies lower it. The daisies can only grow within a certain temperature range. The regulation effects of these daisies (for example, as temperatures rise, the black daisies will quickly overheat and die, leaving more space for white daisies, which cool the planet) maintain the planet at a steady temperature conducive to life for much longer would have happened without the daisies.