Ocean Sciences Bowl

The National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB) is a team competition very similar to Science Bowl, with the exception that questions in NOSB are based on marine sciences, including biology, chemistry, physics, geology, geography, social science, and technology. The competition style is split into both buzzer and written portions. In buzzer rounds, the first competitor to press his or her buzzer earns the right to answer the question. The written portions allot a period of time for team members to consult and write down responses to questions.

Lynbrook will have a tryout system to determine a team of 5 people who can participate in the competition. Only students who are not on Science Bowl Team A or Team B are eligible to participle in NOSB from Lynbrook.

More information about NOSB can be found on their NOSB website. Information regarding the regional competition may be found at the Sea Lion Bowl website.