Meeting Presentations

Hey everyone! If you missed one of our meetings or would like to review our slides, please refer to the presentations links below:

  1. First Meeting
  2. Competitions
  3. Summer Programs
  4. Sensory Illusions
  5. S’mores
  6. Nobel Prizes
  7. Kahoot
  8. Member Presentations
  9. First Semester Final Meeting
  10. Thermite + Sand
  11. Ferrofluids
  12. Science Bowl vs Teachers
  13. Kahoot!
  14. News
  15. SciFi
  16. Iodine Clock Reaction
  17. Science News 2.0
  18. Science News Kahoot!
  19. Science News + Officer Election Info

Meeting Presentations

Hey everyone!

If you missed one of our meetings or would just like to review the slides from a particular meeting, please refer to the list of presentation links below:

  1. Virtual Reality (9/16/16)
  2. Competitions (9/23/16)
  3. Homecoming (10/14/16)
  4. Research (10/28/16)
  5. Summer Programs (11/4/16)
  6. Hands-on Demos (11/18/16)
  7. Current Research (12/2/16)
  8. Forensics (12/9/16)
  9. Genetic Counselor (1/20/17)
  10. Kahoot (1/27/17)
  11. Science Bowl Team A vs. Teachers (2/3/17)
  12. Current Research (2/10/17)
  13. Ferrofluids (2/17/17)
  14. Member Presentations (3/3/17)
  15. Starfish Dissection (3/10/17)
  16. Research Presentations (3/17/17)
  17. WiSTEM Collaboration (3/31/17)
  18. Member Presentations (4/7/17)
  19. Member Presentations (4/21/17)
  20. Officer Elections (4/28/17)
  21. End-of-year Social (5/19/17)

T-shirt Design Contest!

Hey everyone!

We’re thrilled to announce that our annual T-shirt design contest has begun! All designs are welcome as long as they are made with CustomInk, contain white text on a red background, and include “Lynbrook Science 2016-2017” on the front. (Pictures of last year’s design can be found below.) The back will include a periodic table filled with the initials of current members, as per tradition, so you will not need to provide a design for it. Designs are due by October 26th to

As usual, the winner of the contest will receive a FREE T-shirt!

Best of luck to everyone!

First Meeting Recap, Announcements, and Apologies

Hi everyone!

Thanks for coming to our first meeting of the year today! We hope you enjoyed the chance to try out virtual reality with Google Cardboard yourself! We had an amazing turnout of over 100 members today, so thank you all for your support and love for science :)

While today’s meeting was hopefully entertaining and designed to let you immerse yourself directly in science, after receiving feedback, we will offer more direct guidance in the future in terms of directly helping members with activities, and will also conduct activities in smaller groups to give more personalized attention.

Finally, if you wanted to try out our science club app, created by Creative Game Design Club, you can find it on the Google Play store as “LHS SciCoaster VR”. Keep your eyes peeled for more opportunities to try out and keep the Cardboards!

Remember to sign up for Science Bowl tryouts if you are interested with the form on the website, and see you next week for more exciting demonstrations!