Meeting Recap!

Hi all,

I hope you enjoyed today’s meeting (especially the cool colored flames)! During today’s meeting, we first had a few announcements regarding USABO, t-shirts, and F=ma, followed by a slide on fireworks and  a demo involving fire.

If you’re interested, here’s a link to the presentation:

If you plan taking the USABO, please bring $5 to any of the next few meetings (due date 1/31) and fill out this form:
If you would like to have one of these absolutely fantabulous t-shirts, please fill out this form:
Money and signups are due, at the very latest, by 1/15/16. We will collect payment on this Friday, next Friday, and some times at brunch in between which will be announced shortly.
See you!

Biology Olympiad Registration!

Registration for the USA Biology Olympiad (USABO) is now open! Follow the instructions below to sign up:

USABO Signups

Note that there will be more announcements in the future regarding dates and contest fees.

Science Olympiad Tryouts!

Registration for the science olympiad tryout tests are now open. They will be held on Friday, 11/20 at 3pm in the cafeteria. Please register by Wednesday 11/18 on the form below:

*UPDATE* Tryouts have been postponed due to unforseen uncontrollable externalities. They will be held Monday, November 23, in Mr. Pallone’s room (room 307).

2015.11.12 – Physics Olympiad Registration!

Today, Jeffrey presented his research about using novel machine learning techniques to make medical predictions. We hope you all enjoyed it, and we encourage any of you that have previously conducted research to present your own work as well! His slides are available here.

Signups for “F = ma” physics olympiad are now open. The exam will take place on January 20 2016 at 3pm sharp, in lab 005/006. To participate, register through the link below and pay $5 to the box in Mr. Leung’s room by December 4 2015. Note that we cannot guarantee you a spot unless you pay by the due date.

Hope you will all take advantage of this opportunity!

Summer Camp Info!

Thanks for coming to the meeting on Friday! As mentioned in the presentation, we’re willing to answer any questions about summer camps, so please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email if you have any!

Here’s the link to the presentation:

Ocean Science Bowl Tryouts!

Thank you for joining us for a spooky Halloween meeting this week! We hope you had fun using your scientific skills to figure out what was inside all of the paper bags.

We’re happy to announce that Ocean Science Bowl tryouts will happen this coming week! They will take place on Friday Nov. 6, 3-4pm in Mr. Pallone’s room (room 307). We urge you all to try out because marine biology is tons of fun. Please sign up on this form by Wednesday night if you wish to participate:

~Your officers

2015-16 Science Bowl Team Members!

After a long and grueling tryout process, we have decided our Science Bowl Teams for the 2015-16 school year! Congratulations to the following people:

Team A: Jeffrey Chang (captain), Pranav Lalgudi, Richard Liu, Abhinav Naikawadi, Sean Meng

Team B: Advait Patil (captain), Robert Yang, Jessie Zhao, Krishnakumar Bhattaram, Andrew Li, Katherine Xiao